New Evidence Delays Tate Trial

Lionel Tate

MIAMI (AP) _ The robbery trial of convicted child killer Lionel Tate has been delayed.

His attorney told a judge today in Miami that they have a witness and new D-N-A evidence that proves Tate did not hold up a pizza delivery man in 2005. The attorney said D-N-A taken from the mask allegedly used belongs to another man. A new witness also claims Tate never committed the robbery and never carried the gun.

The judge granted the delay. Jury selection is now set for September 4th.

Tate withdrew his guilty plea in the robbery but was sentenced to 30 years on the gun possession charge. He had refused a plea deal that would've given him a 30-year total sentence for both charges.

Tate, now 20, also violated the probation he received for the 1999 murder of a young girl. Tate was 12 when he became the youngest person in modern U-S history to get a life prison term before an appeals court intervened.