Police Probe in Barwick, Georgia

The shooting death of at least one dog is under investigation in a small south Georgia city and some residents of Barwick, Georgia say their chief of police is to blame.

Debbie Lamons' two dogs are her pride and joy and they were also popular with neighbor Willie Akery's dog, Bud, until two weeks ago.

"I called him, I said, come here, Bud! And he never did come, so about that time, that's when Mr. Lamons walked out on his back porch and shot at him," says Willie.

Following a rash of shotgun blasts, neighbors say Willie Frank Lamons had injured several dogs, including Bud, and killed at least one, but not everyone says Lamons is to blame. Fingers are being pointed at Police Chief Bryan Jones who was there and gave Lamons the go-ahead.

"The Humane Society came out and said they were going to press charges against him and I advised them that I'd told him to kill the dogs, and they said, the problem is, he didn't kill the dogs, he left them alive. If he'd killed them, there would be no problem," Chief Brian Jones says.

Lamons' neighbors and family members say the chief had no right to allow Lamons to shoot the dogs in the first place, but Lamons' daughter disagrees.

"If the cop told him to do that I think it's wrong for them to press a warrant against him," says daughter Debbie.

Chief Jones says Animal Control and not the Police Department chose to charge Lamons with two misdemeanor counts in connection with the shootings.

Humane Society officials and Thomas County Sheriff's Officers declined to comment, saying the investigation is still ongoing. Attempts to reach Willie Frank Lamons at work were unsuccessful.