Leon County Commissioners Tackle High Utility Bills Again

Controversy continues to circle rising utility bills. Wednesday afternoon one lone Leon County commissioner tackled the issue once again in hopes of bringing residents relief.

The meter measures the amount of power pumped into your home each day, keeping track of your intake. While this watchdog hasn't changed, one Leon County commissioner says the price has.

"I'm sending this letter today to the City Commission asking them to review tables and immediately roll back rates by 20 percent," says Commissioner Bill Proctor.

Proctor says this cut would place Tallahassee on the same page as Orlando and Gainesville in terms of utility rates.

Mother of three, Pamela Wolfe, knows first hand the hardships with footing a big bill.

"This month my bill is three hundred and something dollars, work a lot of overtime to pay it," Pamela says.

Besides slashing the rate by 20 percent, Proctor also wants the city to reach into its rate stabilization fund, yet city officials say that money is set aside for emergencies like the recent major malfunction of the Purdom Plant.

Michelle Bono with the City of Tallahassee says, "Our issue to help people reduce their intake because we can't do we know the cost of fuel is so high."

The city is planning to spend over $1 million from its rate stabilization fund to help residents with rising utility cost and keep this meter in motion.

During Wednesday night’s Tallahassee City Commission meeting the commissioner discussed the issues of rising utility cost.