71 Rescued Dogs Almost Ready to Find Homes

By: Charlene Cristobal
September 2, 2014

WELLBORN, Fla. -- 71 dogs were confiscated from a home in Jefferson County in August after a man's family realized that he could no longer care for them. The situation was so bad, the Humane Society of the United States were called in the help.

These dogs were in terrible condition. Most of them had a severe case of mange.

Just after a few weeks, officials say the dogs are doing great! The dogs with mange are finally starting to grow their fur back, many even comfortable enough to get in front of the camera. Officials say one dog, who had it's leg amputated, was even adopted.

"The dogs are really doing great," said Laura Bevan with HSUS. "They have had a couple of weeks now, a week and a half of medication, vet care. Some of them have a long way to go. They had very severe skin conditions, before they were just terrified of everything. So we're going to give them more time."

The dogs are still at the North Florida Animal Rescue in Wellborn, Florida.

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