DUI Plea

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A Gadsden County teen sentenced for her part in a DUI manslaughter case speaks out about the consequences of drinking and driving.

Tercina Jordan has been reliving the night she drove drunk and wound up killing her cousin, Camellia Byrd, and injuring five others.

Investigators say Jordan lost control of the car and crashed into some trees on Brickyard Road.

Tercina Jordan said, "I had to sit everyday and think; I can't see my little cousin's face, and then I had to look at my other little cousins knowing the pain they had to go through by me drinking and driving."

A Gadsden County judged sentenced Jordan to five years in prison followed by 20 years of probation. Byrd's family says though her death was a tragic loss, they've forgiven Jordan and moved on.

Willie Byrd said, "We don't fault her because we know it was an accident. Everybody ain't perfect.“

But the family of one of the victim's says the judge was too lenient. Tiffany Lamb says her stepdaughter, Monica Steele, suffered a fractured hip and doctors say she may not be able to have children.

Tiffany Lamb said, "We were right here across the street and she never told Monica she was sorry, so Monica feels like she should be punished because she didn't show any remorse.”

Law enforcement says Jordan had a 1.5 blood alcohol level, nearly twice the legal limit. A combination of alcohol and youth made for a deadly disaster.

Tercina Jordan added, "I see life more different. You don't drink and drive because it could hurt a lot of people."

Jordan opted to plea out instead of going to trial. In addition to her time, she will pay thousands in restitution.