Construction Starts on Sound Wall

The Tallahassee I-10 soundwall will look similar to this one in Tampa.
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TALLAHASSEE - A new sound wall is going up along Interstate 10 in Tallahassee.

A new 22-foot-high noise barrier will run along the north and south side of I-10 along populated areas.

Department of Transportation workers started the foundation work on the wall this week. Some people who live along I-10 say it'll block their view, others say they are excited for some peace and quiet.

"It'll help the people here," said Douglas Deauzat, who lives near the busy highway. "Because even before they started this, you could always hear the 18-wheelers going down the highway pretty good."

In a few weeks crews will put the actual sound wall panels in place. DOT expects to be finished with the sound wall by Memorial Day.