Tallahassee Titans Coming Back Next Year

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The Tallahassee Titans needed to pack the civic center for the franchise to continue playing in town. The teams main source of income comes from ticket sales and sponsors.

"The Tallahassee Titans have come out and asked for Tallahassee's support. Asked you to come and help keep the Titans here in Tallahassee," said Misty Sullivan, Director of Operations, Tallahassee Titans.

Several fans answered the call and came out to support the Titans.

"Titans need to be around for years to come. I brought my sign that says Tallahassee Titans forever. We need to keep them here forever. It's good for these people who don't get to see football in the other seasons, they can come out and enjoy this time," said Gerald Murphy, attending his first Titans game.

Team officials said they need four to five thousand fans a game and against Lakeland, they got just that.

"Tonight was the night for Tallahassee Titans to decide if Tallahassee had the fan base to stay here in Tally and the decision has been made. We will be here and we will play next year," added Sullivan.