Earth Day Auction

It's an art competition, a silent auction and most visibly a tribute to a clean environment.

Elementary and middle school students painted, sewed and sketched to show the importance of healthy drinking water.

"We had a couple criteria that we were looking for. There's a theme about coastal waterways, and so we were looking for that. We were looking for craftsmanship and really creativity, so really the three of those things combined helped us decide on the best pieces," said John Wilson, an artist in residence.

Proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to the Gulf Coast Restoration Network, a group dedicated to rebuilding areas along the Gulf of Mexico and slowing the rate of water pollution.

"All the money that they have they try to focus on one particular thing that's going on, where the need is and put those funds towards that and this one being clean water," said event organizer Mary Rolling.

Each piece of artwork at the auction was donated by the local students.

"I love the art. I love it. I have my favorites but i thing it's great. It's so exciting to see the kids do this and if it makes them aware of what's going on with the environment and certain things like that too," said Rolling.

Organizers say they plan to have another Earth Day event next year.

Congratulations to Allison Hamilton and Paige Wadsworth from Deerlake Middle School. Their artwork won a first place award at Sunday's show.