Kids Dive Into Marine Lab

Friends Marisa and Erin were on their way to the beach, but before some fun in the sun they stopped at Florida State's Marine Lab open house. According to these girls, they saw some pretty "weird" things.

"Probably when I saw a shrimp's heart beating through its skin," said 10-year-old Marisa Rossetti.

"We learned that sea urchins put barnacles on themselves to protect themselves," said 11-year-old Erin Petrucelli.

The girls may not have realized it, but they got a first hand look at some of the research conducted by students and staff at the FSU lab.

"The idea is to showcase the research that the faculty that on the marine life campus and the faculty from the departments in Tallahassee are doing down there," said Dr. Felicia Coleman of the FSU Marine Lab.

Students and faculty at the marine lab say their most recent projects include tracing hurricane patterns and studying water quality and according to Coleman, who knows, there may be a future marine biologist here today!

"I hope one of the things the younger people take away from this is just how fascinating and fun it is to work in a marina environment."