Georgia Legislative Session

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Georgia's legislative session is over, but many issues are left hanging in the balance, such as Sunday alcohol sales and PeachCare. These issues, along with others, may have failed this time around, but could be brought back to life next session, but that doesn't sit well with some residents.

Thomasville resident Rita Dawson said, "It's a very long wait, and I just hope we don't have to wait that long cause there's a lot of people that have their children on it that need medical care from that."

Thomasville resident Leola Ross said, "I think they should do something now, it's very important for the kids, I have grandchildren and I am very concerned."

Key legislation that failed to pass but may have a second chance in January are allowing Sunday alcohol sales, allowing guns in cars, a non-unanimous death penalty, transportation funding, "no knock" warrants, a 500 mile pipeline, and tax cuts for seniors.

Lawmakers say for every term there are two sessions, so lawmakers will pick up right where they left off come January.

The Georgia Legislature will go into special session to discuss the amended budget for the rest of the 2007 fiscal year ending in June.