Man With Criminal History Accused of Running Over State Trooper

Theron Sapp was denied bond because he has a violent criminal history dating back more than 10 years.

A bevy of deputies with guns drawn forced their way into a trailer off Tower Road Tuesday and brought out 30-year-old Theron Sapp. He was wanted for fleeing a traffic stop, and trying to run over a FHP trooper during his getaway.

Rosa Bell Richardson says it's the most excitement in her neighborhood in 40 years, "I seen 'em come in. go out, come in.”

Theron Sapp faces 11 different charges including attempted murder. He appeared before a judge Wednesday morning via video link from the jail and was promptly denied bond.

"No conditions of release will protect the public. You have an extensive criminal record and have violated your probation before," says Leon County Judge Don Modesitt.

Here's a look at Sapp's criminal past:

  • Robbery.

  • He spent more than a year in state prison for forgery.

  • He's been arrested repeatedly for driving with a suspended license.

  • He spent another 17 months in state prison after beating a woman with a tire iron during a burglary.

FHP trooper William Dyer was not seriously injured in Tuesday’s pursuit, but because he fired his gun, FHP will conduct an official review of the incident.

Trooper Dyer has been with FHP for more than eight years. He took Wednesday off, but will be back on the job Thursday.

Administrative leave is only mandatory when a trooper's bullet actually hits someone.