Graduating Granny

We've been hearing a lot about the upcoming graduations, even highlighting students who have graduated in only three years, but Thursday we're taking a whole new angle, focusing on a grandmother who will receive her diploma Friday night after 25 years of college.

In 1978 Gayle Grissett was divorced with four children working for minimum wage, so she enrolled in Tallahassee Community College and took one course, next semester took another course, and that's what she’s been doing the whole time.

While raising her four children, Gayle hoped for state or federal aid, but it never happened. Remarried, Grissett then began her journey at FSU as a student and employee.

Daughter Keli Hardee says it all seemed normal to her.

“I never realized it was any different until I was telling people she's graduating after 25 years,” says Keli.

Friday night Gayle will graduate after a quarter of a century of classes.

“I just keep imagining tomorrow, my legs get weak, I wonder if I'll even be able to walk up there. I'm going to try, excited I'm sure you can tell,” says Gayle.

Grissett will graduate with a social sciences degree. Her parents, children and five grandchildren will be among the 30 people Gayle has invited to her graduation.