Wheelin' and Dealin' at the Florida Session

There are now just over 24 hours left in this year's legislative session in Tallahassee. That means the lawmaking pace is fast and furious.

Denny Wood has been working a bill that would take 7,000 quadriplegics out of nursing homes and provide them with care at home. The bill was going smoothly through the process until its sponsor, Tampa's Kevin Ambler, voted no on the House speaker’s pet bill, the phone rate freeze.

For Ambler, it isn't just the quadriplegic bill, every bill he has ground to a halt.

"I just know that I see certain events occurring, I was passing bills before that vote and I haven't been able to get anything moving since," says Rep. Kevin Ambler, (R) Tampa.

Wood says the tactics are hurting real people.

"The worst thing that you can have happen is to break your neck and then when you get out of the hospital they put you in a nursing home with old people, and you just don't want to live anymore, you want to die," says Wood.

For those who didn't buck the speaker it is another story. Ralph Haben was speaker in 1981 and 82. He calls it politics as usual.

"You've got to maintain the power. If you ever let 119 people run loose in there you will have a mob, and mob does not have a leader. That ain't good," Haben says.

And a spokesman for Johnnie Bryd says no retribution is taking place. It is just that time and money are short. At least six republicans who voted against the phone rate freeze are in the speaker's doghouse.