Help Fill the Shelves

A Gadsden County alternative school is in need of school supplies and now they're turning to the public for help.

Herb Richardson is busy arranging the few books on the shelves at Carter-Parramore Academy's media center. The school, which is an alternative facility for at risk students, is in dire need of books.

"They've been identified as sort of the way that they need extra and we can't provide that extra for them if we don't have materials to work with. The state and the district do provide help, but we're looking for more," says Richardson.

And now they're looking for help from the community. Last year when administrators moved the middle school to Shanks High they took all the books from the library with them.

There is a limited amount of books here and school officials are hoping the community will help them in their endeavor to fill these bookshelves to help students at Carter-Parramore.

School officials have been working with several community members to raise money for their cause.

"We are citizens, we live here and we care our community, and obviously we care about the students and the more we do to get our kids educated and get them more to the next level the better we all will be and this community,” says Ann Sherman, a Carter-Parramore Academy advisor.

A community who is set on filling these empty seats with students eagerly reading in the media center. This Friday at 11:00 a.m. the school's advisory council will sponsor a fish fry at the City Hall Park with hopes of raising $2,000 for new books and computer software.