Local Woman is Shot by Deputies

Just days after a local Florida Highway Patrol officer was almost run over by a suspect, two more area law enforcement officers lives were threatened when shots were fired.

At this point authorities have not released the woman’s name, but neighbors say she is a middle aged black woman named "Miss Coontz", and that she pretty much kept to herself.

An official with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says the woman who lives at 4365 Slash Pine Lane went next door and disturbed her neighbors. The neighbors then called 9-1-1 and Leon County Sheriff's Officers arrived on the scene.

At initial contact with the woman they considered her a danger to herself and other residents.

In order to bring her in for evaluation they tried to subdue her with a taser gun, but because of her loose clothing the taser did not work.

Deputies say the woman then ran back into her home and came out with a pistol firing at deputies. Deputies returned fire, hitting the woman only once.