New Medicare Drug Card

There is some good news if you rely on Medicare for your health care and medicine. A new Medicare prescription drug plan will soon be available. The extra option can be a blessing or a curse.

Starting on Monday, seniors around our area will be able to sign up for the newest Medicare prescription program. While the new card can offer improved benefits to some Medicare patients, pharmacists say you should ask a few questions before switching plans.

"Each person needs to evaluate those cards as to which one card works for them, because its my understanding that once you sign up for one you can't sign up for another until your next enrollment period," says pharmacist Sheri Gordon.

Pharmacists say seniors like Frankie Howell should also turn to their families or a trusted friend to help them pick out a legitimate card that will cover their medicinal needs.

Some adults say they have advice for their Medicare patient parent.

"I would tell my dad to look carefully at the programs, he's young enough to understand and know what he's comfortable with, but at the same time he needs to check with his pharmacist and ask if the drugs he needs will be covered by the plan," says Jeff Sikes, who is the son of a Medicare patient.

Pharmacists say you should never have to pay for a discount card. Pharmacists say the new plans can be a benefit, but only if Medicare patients sign up for the right Medicare approved plan.