Leon County Candidates Can Now File Campaign Finances Online

The office is taking great steps to make sure the public and now candidates are up to date using the latest technology. It deals with campaign financing and making information more readily available.

The Leon County Elections Office has prided itself on the success of its elections. The supervisor of elections says some of the success is in part to an excellent website.

Keeping voters informed and happy isn't the only goal for the Leon County supervisor of elections. Now, the supervisor says his office has made it easier for the candidates.

"What we've done is set up electronic filing so that candidates would not have to waste their time and money. In fact, even be less subject to fines," says Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

"It's helped the political gad-flys, the candidates looking in on each other. We hear a lot of positive feedback on about our website," adds Janet Olin, Supervisor of Elections.

The supervisor says it's all very simple and deals with campaign finance. The state of Florida has laws that all citizens running for office must report all donations made toward their campaigns.

"The software will tell candidates when they try to enter a donation over the legal limits, that's not allowed," says Sancho.

Sancho says in the long run this is a great thing for the people on many levels. Some candidates currently in some of the races, and they confirm, they like this new system. Candidates are given a password that allows them to enter the information so it can't be tampered with.

Visit: www.co.leon.fl.us/elect/homepage.htm