Rain Relief for Georgia Farmers

Local farmers are getting some instant relief from the skies, thanks to several days of rain here in our area. While it’s been a dry spring, farmers say the rain has come at just the right time to help produce a good crop this summer.

Heavy rain around Lowndes County has left many a farm field filled with standing water, a sight that has made for happy farmers, and with the rainfall, many can start making plans to get their crops in the freshly watered soil.

"A lot of people say it’s been so dry and so hot that they've been holding up on their planting schedule until we had some good moisture. It’s just been a big relief seeing this finally come," says farmer Fred Wetherington.

"While these huge tractors are sitting idle during the showers, farmers say it will take a few days after the rains have stopped to let the ground dry out and then they can fire these tractors up and get back to the fields, preparing them for a growing season."

Farmers admit they were getting worried about the dry conditions, because they say if the weather had remained the same, it would have doomed the growing season.

Wetherington says, "If you don't have a good start, its hard to feel good about going into the crop year. So, this should get everything off to a good start."

A good start for an industry that generates millions of dollars for the south Georgia economy, meaning farmers aren't the only ones glad to see the rain falling during the next few days.

Farmers tell us because the land has been so dry. There's no fear of getting too much rain.