Star Students in Thomas County

Before they head off to college and then the careers of choice, Thomas County officials had a chance to honor the star students in the county's three high schools one last time.

The achievements and dreams of three of Thomas County's top all-around students came to a head Friday afternoon when they were named the county's "STAR" students of the year.

“It's a great honor, and everyone who gets it, it makes them feel confident. It's just really nice!" says Erin pounds, Brookwood, STAR student.

The STAR award, which stands for Student Teacher Achievement Recognition, is given to one senior in each participating Georgia high school with a combination of a high SAT score, a high level of involvement in extracurricular activities and grades that put them in the top ten percent of their class.

Megan Cone, a Thomasville High STAR student, says, "The work is always hard, but striving for a reward, a goal, and meeting a challenge is something everyone can be proud of."

Alan Hurst, Thomas County Central STAR student, adds, "It gives me confidence to go on through college and even after college and it lets me know that if I set my mind to anything, I can achieve that."

Next stop for these seniors, if they choose, is a regional STAR competition. Then the winners are invited to compete for the state STAR award in Atlanta. For these overachievers, the sky is the limit.

Each STAR student was also asked to name their "STAR" teacher. The three teachers are now also candidates for regional STAR awards.