100th Anniversary of the Hamburger

It's an American institution right up there with baseball and apple pie, but it has arguably impacted the entire world. It's created millionaires and served billions.

It can be debated by some that the hamburger is the best thing since the toasted bun on which it's often served. This week is the 100-year celebration for the famous hamburger.

All over, the hamburger is being celebrated for all it's given. It's been an emotional week for hamburger lovers all over the country and Tallahassee is no exception.

The hamburger is celebrating its 100-year birthday this week. Ten decades ago, at a St. Louis fair, a vendor, fondly called "Old Dave", changed the world and introduced us to the hamburger.

But where does the name hamburger come from if it's made from beef, not ham?

Steven Hartsfield, hamburger historian, says, "It was made in Hamburg, Germany."

Finally, a mystery solved. Happy birthday, hamburger.

Of course, the hamburger has evolved. Now, 100 years later, instead of a beef burger, people can grab themselves a turkey burger, a veggie burger and even soy burgers.