East Gadsden Threats

A threatening letter, which promised bodily harm to African-Americans at East Gadsden High School, prompted several parents to keep their children home from school Friday.

School officials had several measures in place, including extra security and more law enforcement officers on campus.

Lawrence Brown, a concerned parent, says, "He came home the other day and said somebody found a letter that one of the students wrote and that they were going to kill everybody on the school."

That letter prompted Lawrence Brown to take his son out of East Gadsden High School Friday morning. School administrators say a student at the high school found a letter and gave it to a teacher.

In the letter the writer made several references to the "n" word and vowed to shoot up the school Friday, April 29.

"We're taking it seriously we are looking into it we got law enforcement here, we have private investigators here and so things are going smoothly and students don't appear to be threatened by it,” says Dr. James Brown, Gadsden County's deputy superintendent.

School officials are taking every precaution to make sure the students at East Gadsden are safe. In fact, the gates are locked to prevent folks from coming in. Administrators say safety is their number one priority. Additional deputies have been on campus and plain-clothed investigators are now part of the student body.

Still, school officials say despite the heightened sense of security, they want it to be business as usual for students.

Geni Everett, assistant principal at East Gadsden High School, says, "We're carrying on as normal not to be held hostage by others, but yet being careful with parents and kids to make sure they remain safe on campus."

Administrators say nothing happened Friday, so the extra security certainly paid off. In light of the situation, as far as continued security, not at all administrators will have security and additional officers on the campus until the end of the school year.