Continental Returns to Tallahassee

There's a new airline carrier in Tallahassee Sunday. Continental Express is offering flights to Houston starting in just under an hour.

A steady traffic of money is flowing into the Tallahassee Regional Airport. Trickle by slow trickle, over the years more passengers are checking their baggage and slipping onto the tarmac.

For some the growth has been too slow.

Ron Sachs says, "Tallahassee is a great place to live and work but it's hard flying in here and it's hard flying out of here to get to places."

Still, the growth has come. Since 1999 the number of passengers has grown from 899,000 to one million, 100,000. The only year with a loss is the year of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

To attract more customers a new jet service has been added. Some of the happiest people with this new carrier are some of the businesses who are here in the airport waiting for some of the foot traffic to come nearby.

"When I first started out I think it was like around 625,000, so every year we get a little bit bigger, more flights are coming in more airlines are coming in, so yeah, we're growing."

Continental Express will now offer two daily flights from Tallahassee Regional to Houston's George Bush Intercontinental.

Tallahassee Regional Airport offers 80 arrivals and departures every day.