Searching for Missing Baby

Search crews from Jacksonville are in Lowndes County searching for the body of a baby that went missing last week.

Investigators think a man killed the child, then dumped its body in a dumpster, which was later emptied in Lowndes County.

There has been some progress made, but crews are still searching for the body of a 10-month old-child. Volunteers have been combing through more than 17 dump trucks full of trash, looking for the body of the missing child.

Jacksonville authorities say they have good information that the man who killed a Jacksonville woman also killed the woman's child, and then dumped the tiny body in the trash.

That load of trash likely ended up at the Onyx landfill, and now investigators hope to find the body so they can bring closure for the child's family.

Crews have about a half hour left in their search Monday afternoon. If they don't find the child's body between now and then, they'll start again in the morning.

Authorities think they have a good idea on where the body might be, but it could take a week or more to complete their search.