Transit Changes in Thomas County

Thomas County commissioners say the operation of Thomas County's transit system is running smoothly just the way it is. They voted not to make any changes, at least for now.

Lizzie Jones is among the several dozens of folks calling the Thomas County transit system their only form of transportation. Jones is happy with the services but she knows some folks who may not share the feeling.

"You hear people say all the time I called and couldn't get a ride, I called and couldn't get a ride, they were full," says Lizzie.

County manager Mike Stephenson says ways to enhance services were brought to the table. In order to do so, the county would have to take over ownership rather than its current private owner, Mids, Inc., but county commissioners voted against the proposal.

"The commissioners were satisfied with the services provided by MIDS. They wanted to take a little time and analyze the operation and determine exactly what the county could do," Stephenson says.

Don Sims with the Chamber of Commerce says enhancing to the transit system could increase the number of people coming here to work, resulting in an economic gain.

"We believe the five county areas with the population of 151,000, if we can bring those transportation systems together we'd like to see that," says Sims.

Stephenson says the county will continue to monitor the service and Jones says despite its flaws, she only has one request.

"As long as I'm able to get around, it'll still be moving," says Jones.

Commissioners welcome any suggestions from the public to improve the transit system. You can call the commissioners’ office with your concerns at 225-4100.