The Expense of Prom

When you consider, among other things, the flowers, the prom dress, and the pictures, that special night can become pretty expensive.

High school junior Ilona Coleman and her mom have gone from store to store, traveling between Tallahassee and Thomasville looking for that perfect dress, and one that no one else will be wearing to Leon High School's prom.

"I think it's worth the expense, because it's a formal event. It's so much fun to get dressed up and to see all of your friends and just have a good night, I think it's worth it,” Coleman explains.

"You want your daughter to get a hold of that perfect dress for the prom, and the frustration comes in when you know you daughter has her heart set on this one special dress, and it's difficult to find it,” adds Coleman’s mother, Idella Brown.

For those young men and women attending the prom, there are so many decisions to make.

Should they make reservations at the expensive restaurant or opt for the value meal?

Should they rent a nice limousine, or spend all of their money on this stretch Hummer?

"Back in the 50's, they were borrowing their dad's convertible and all, and like I asked my parents, what did they do, and they borrowed their dad's car. Now, limos are the thing, now they don't think about using the car, it’s got to be a limo,” comments Mike Vaughn of Mike’s Limousine Service.

An area florist, who usually does pretty well around prom season, says it doesn't take much money to have a magical prom night.

"A single rose sometimes does more than a dozen. A $5 gift sometimes means more than $100. It's the love that's behind the gift. It's not necessarily how big it is, it's the thought that goes with it,” adds Kathryn Copeland of England’s Florist and Gifts.

Copeland went on to say the tradition has not changed as far as corsages, she says every year around this time she sells hundreds of them.