FSU Scholarships Go Unused

Florida State University is experiencing a problem you rarely see, an abundance of scholarship money. Tuesday FSU's computer science department is hosting a conference to recruit students into the field of cyberterrorism.

This year FSU's computer science department has 10-15 full scholarships to give out. However, only three have been accepted.

Scholarship student Jimmy Cash says he's enjoying the cash.

“It’s $12,000 a year, pays for school, housing as well as an opportunity to get job in the security field,” says Jimmy.

In fact, scholarship students are "guaranteed" a job with the federal government. Local companies such as Datamaxx are also interested.

In Tuesday's recruitment conference, potential students learned about the training they'd receive from cryptography to combating hackers.

You have to be smarter than the hacker, and that in itself is a challenge. So is getting a place in the scholarship program.

Angela Shrum, scholarship coordinator, says, “People don't understand what the requirements involve, very math intensive, cryptography, calculus skills to meet requirements.”