The Economic Impact of the Archbold Hospital

One of southwest Georgia's main economic sources is what most see as only your main source of medical health care. A state study makes Archbold Medical Center as a major economic venue in the region.

Coby Bentley, an eight-year employee of Archbold hospital, says the optimum health care the hospital provides keeps him lending his services everyday.

"I knew when I came to the rehab program I was in a good position to not only be in this community but to grow in my field of exercise science," says Bentley.

Bentley is one of 2,600 employees and helps contribute to Archbold's state and local economic impact exceeding $425 million, the president of the Chamber of Commerce says.

"Archbold's significant employment and its position as a regional medical center brings patients to our community, and this impact is felt in local spending."

Archbold's impact in southwest Georgia goes beyond the economic aspect, the hospital's president says it also ensure a better quality of life for area residents.

Ken Beverly of Archbold Medical Center says, "When we think of the services we can deliver in the home and in the community people don't need to go off to Atlanta or Jacksonville for top drawer health care."

"You can already see that Thomasville around town is growing in itself, I think it a direct reflection of what we can do for the success of Thomasville," adds Coby Bentley.

Bentley says he hopes for continued growth at Archbold, which trickles down to the community in more ways than one.