Moonshine Distillery Destroyed

The moonshine makers had been hidden in a rural part of Echols County, Georgia, east of Valdosta.

Nestled deep in the woods of Echols County, three huge moonshine distillers quietly did their work. Investigators say these homemade liquor breweries created hundreds of gallons of pure alcohol.

Sheriff Randy Courson of Echols County says, "This one here, we figure creates 135, five-gallon buckets during one production run, that's when they run it one complete time, they should be getting pretty close to that out of it."

That means more than 650 gallons of moonshine were produced each time this machine was used. Add to that the two other distillers, and this one bust could keep thousands of gallons of moonshine off the street.

During their search of these woods, investigators also found a large growth of marijuana plants.

"We found 14 marijuana plants that's gonna be about 2.5 feet tall, estimated street value of $30,000," Courson adds.

The sheriff says he's not surprised to find both moonshine and marijuana being produced together.

"It’s not a surprise, generally they will sometimes have them close together, or side by side, it’s usually gonna be pretty close. I think this puts a dent as far as production for a little while, but they'll eventually rebuild and continue on until we catch them," says Courson.

Right now investigators do not know who is responsible for all these drugs, but they are counting on the same kind of tips that uncovered this site to lead to an arrest.

If you have any information about who may have been running the moonshine distilleries, please call the Echols County sheriff at 229-559-5603.