Leon County Giving Residents Near Landfill Odor Relief

The county is trying to give homeowners some "breathing space."

Neighbors near the Leon County landfill are breathing a sigh of relief, including one of the biggest critics of the landfill.

Mona Lisa Abbott, who lives near the landfill, says, "I was just the person who complained the longest, but I want to thank the staff and the people who've helped to get this done. This is so much better."

After years of complaints of bad smells coming from the landfill, the county has come up with a new plan that literally burns the smell out of the air. Simply enough, it's called a flare.

Nancy Paul, acting director for the Leon County landfill, says, "It burns off the landfill gases that's emitted off of the old household garbage."

The flare is about 18 feet high with two solar panels attached to it. The solar panels will help re-ignite the flare if it goes out.

"It will burn as long as there is gas to burn," adds Nancy.

"Honestly, things are so much better out here," says Lisa Abbott.

Leon County says it will put another flare in this week on the west side of the landfill. Abbott says while she's happy about the flares she would like to see Leon County do some air quality testing and make the results are public knowledge.

The county has plans in place to close portions of the landfill for a public use park.