Liliana's Lament

Next we have the amazing story of woman who is determined to fight for a country that isn't even her own. This is a story of a young woman who had a dream and followed it, but the path she took is now being called into question.

Meet Liliana Plata, a three-year member of the 822nd Security Forces Squadron at Moody Air Force Base, but those with whom she fought and served alongside knew her as Christine Behm.

Christine Behm and Liliana Plata are one and the same. The big difference though, is Liliana Plata is not an American citizen.

"I was10 years old living in Mexico with my mother in Mexico, and she decided she wanted a better life for us, so she decided to come to the U.S. from Tijuana into California," says Plata.

Once Liliana graduated from high school, she decided her only future in America would be to serve in the Air Force.

“I heard about this guy in Los Angeles who was selling fake papers, so I decided to do something with my life, have a sense of meaning, and I took a shortcut," Plata says.

That shortcut was buying an identity of another person. Liliana was told it would work, and she would be able to serve in the Air Force because she was using the ID of a small child who'd passed away.

So, Liliana was able to enlist in the Air Force, and has earned a stellar service record, but it turns out, Liliana was using the name and social security number of a woman who was in fact still alive and well, living in the United States.

Liliana's judge advocate, or Air Force attorney, says there are some important things to remember when considering Liliana's future in the Air Force.

Capt. Randy Hicks, Judge Advocate, says, "What I think is important to remember here, is that she didn't just come over to this country as an adult, she came here as a child, and this is the only country she's ever had. She's only tried to better herself through her entire life, and she's certainly made the Air Force a better place, I can attest to that."

Liliana says her future doesn't look good if the Air Force decides to kick her out because she lied several years ago about who she was.

"And if all this is taken away from me, I have nothing left, I mean I'll be sent to Mexico, a country I don't even know, I mean its just hard," she says.

Until this matter is settled, Liliana will continue to serve at Moody Air Force Base, in a limited role, performing administrative duties for her squadron.

The Air Force says Liliana Plata broke the law, and coming up Thursday we'll look at its case against her and find out what she's doing now to try and remain in both the Air Force and this country.