Operation KidSafe

News of Carlie Brucia's abduction and murder earlier this year jolted parents, but law officers hope it doesn't take tragedy to get parents to take preventive action.

Catherine Gurka brought her two-year-old son Julian to be fingerprinted and photographed. She vows to keep them handy should tragedy strike.

"Get it done. You never know what might happen. Be prepared for the future," she urges.

It's called Operation KidSafe, a national program to arm parents with pictures, prints and information, so if a predator strikes at the playground or they simply get separated at Disney World, parents can hand police a flyer and speed up the search.

"As soon as we can get a picture put out, the first few hours are important to recovery. The parents need to have these fingerprints and photos with them, especially when they travel," says SGT Rex Davie of LCSO.

FDLE has a database filled with the names and faces of missing children, some 3,500 a day, who've run away or have been abducted.

Parents like Nancy Reece say they want to be sure they have done all they can to ensure children like Preston never wind up in that database.

The fingerprint and photo program is free. It continues until 7 Thursday night at Champion Chevrolet on West Tennessee Street, and again Friday at University Chevrolet on Capital Circle Northeast from noon to 7.