FAMU Reaches Out to Middle School Girls

There’s a local program that's encouraging girls to get involved in math and science. Studies show that middle school aged girls tend to lose interest in those subjects. But FAMU is working to change that.

FAMU is holding it's tenth annual reach out day. They've invited 300 area middle school girls to campus. The goal is to encourage these young women to explore math and science.

Ondrea Maldonado, a sixth grader, says, “We got to observe animals and see what they do underwater.”

This workshop is just one of several the young ladies will encounter with topics ranging from space technology to chemistry.

LaVerne Williams, a seventh grader, says, “I wanted to learn things about science and math because usually I don't like science and math, but this is fun.”

And that's just the message FAMU is trying to get across. Coordinator Yolanda Boronell says far too often middle school girls shy away from math and science. And that's why she had college women leading the workshops.

“So they have a real live role model, not just a lecture, (but) living proof women can be there, and she is.”