Mentor Success in Jefferson County

Jefferson County Elementary School officials say their students made the grade in the reading portion of the FCAT, and officials say it was the mentors that played a major role in helping these students.

Roddreis Hightower is reading with ease, a task he says was made possible with the help of his mentor and in the process he's discovered his love for reading has improved drastically.

"I never used to get books at the library and now I get as many books as I can," says Roddreis.

Hightower is not the only student benefiting from the mentor program. Marcus Huggins says last semester his grades improved from C's and F's to now A's and B's.

"I want to keep the mentor and have better grades, do better in math and in everything else," says Marcus.

School officials say the students did well this year's in both reading and math on the FCAT and they're crediting mentors for their hard work.

Sandra Saunders, mentor coordinator, says, "I believe all our grades have gone up and I'm proud to know that this program is a program that enhanced the children's capability in order to make educational level go sky high.

Saunders say these children’s dreams of excelling academically became a reality with the help of mentors. This coming Saturday, school officials will host an appreciation reception for the mentors. The event will take place at 5:00 in the school's cafeteria.