Local Couple Off to New York to See Survivor Finale

An area woman got the surprise of her life Thursday evening. She and her husband are big fans of the hit CBS show Survivor. Thursday night she found out she and her husband will be flying to New York for the finale.

Darrell Goodwin surprised his wife Susan with news that they've won tickets to the big Survivor finale through a charity auction.

The show will be broadcast live on Sunday, and what makes this surprise extra special is that Sunday marks the couple's 12th year wedding anniversary.

"This is like, totally blew me away. And that's what he said he would do. This is going to blow your doors. And I'm, well, amazed,” shares Suzan Goodwin.

The Survivor finale takes place at Madison Square Garden, and of course, our congratulations to the two, and we wish them a good time in New York this weekend.