Liliana's Lament: What's Next?

We conclude our story of a local airman facing military discharge and deportation for faking her identity five years ago.

So far we've heard how Liliana Plata faked her identity and how strong of a case the Air Force has. Now, Liliana is hoping to win some major legal battles in order to continue her service.

Liliana Plata says she's been told from the beginning of the Air Force's investigation that she may lose what's most important to her.

"They told me, your case is a unique case, we never had anybody else do this in the Air Force, so it’s gonna take some time, but most likely you're gonna get discharged and turned into INS to get deported," Liliana says.

Liliana and her attorneys are working to prevent that.

"It’s very scary, if I get deported I'll be sent to Mexico. I have nothing to go to there. Everything is here, my life, my family, everything is here," she adds.

But she has plenty of legal problems brewing right here in the states, including identity theft charges from the district attorney in Austin, Texas.

LT COL Jose C. Tauro III, Moody's Chief Judge Advocate, says, "Her crime of fraudulent enlistment had been addressed by the Air Force and the Air Force has taken proper administrative action. Here, identity theft crime however is being looking at by the authorities in Austin, Texas. In fact, they've sent us a warrant for her arrest and Airman Behm has surrendered to Georgia authorities."

And she is scheduled for a June court date in Texas, but right now Liliana and her legal team are having to wait on the air force to know if she will even have any future in the United States Air Force.

Nancy Anderson, Liliana's Immigration Attorney, says, "Until the Air Force send the paperwork back to the Bureau of Citizenship and Naturalization Services, her application is pretty much at a stay, nothing is going to happen until the military makes its decision."

"If I could only tell you how many times I pray at night, to have it just work out for me. I would give anything to just stay in the Air Force and serve this country," Liliana says.

It's going to be very difficult for Liliana to stay in the military because here in the Air Force code it clearly states that no wavier can be given to allow a non-resident who has faked their identity to remain in the service.

There is not any timetable on when Liliana's case with the air force might be decided. Some time next week the file will be forwarded to Air Force Special Operations Command and a decision will be made sometime after that.