Gadsden County Career Fair

For many of us it's difficult to find the perfect career that matches our personality. Gadsden County school officials held its first ever career and health fair geared towards exposing elementary school students to their future jobs.

Nine-year-old Myaikasha Wilford is in search of the perfect career choice.

"Some of the jobs are very important and take a lot of responsibility," says Myaikasha.

Wilford is one of 1,600 elementary school students who are being exposed to their future jobs at the career and health fair. School officials say it's never too early to get these kids thinking about their future careers.

Abbye Dixon, Stewart Street guidance counselor, says, "We want to get them exposed to careers so its more about what they can see and next time they can ask more questions for higher grades. So our experience today is for the kids to get exposed to different careers.

From careers as a paramedic to law enforcement and military work, these kids say this early exposure will surely set them on the right path.

Robert Arriaga, a student at Crossward Academy School, says, "It helps me make up my career choice because there is a whole lot of things that we can do and my favorite thing that I want to do is be a policeman.

In addition to finding their career niche these kids were also learning about healthy living and good eating habits. Students from nine schools participated in this career and health fair.