Peacock Day

To really understand Pavo, Georgia's festivities on its annual "Peacock Day,” you have to travel back in time more than 100 year to when Pavo's name was changed from McDonald, the name of one of its two most prominent families.

"The Peacocks, being the other prominent family, said they wanted the town to be named for them, but the rest of the town didn't agree. They looked it up, and Pavo is Latin for peacock, and when they said Pavo, everyone agreed!" said Diane Ferguson, Vice President of the Pavo Civic Club.

That brings us up to date. Now, thousands of visitors travel to Pavo every year to celebrate "Peacock Day" on the second Saturday each May.

Pavo resident Jeannine Daniel said, “I have friends from Florida who come in every year to see the parade and the goodies and just have a good time!"

Johnny Lovett comes from Boston, Georgia to enjoy the festivities, "Matter of fact, most people here I've never seen before! It's really exciting, you get to meet new people, make new friends," he says.

Unless you count these fancy feet, there is only one live peacock here. He's Charlie, Pavo's mascot! But most people say they don't come to see peacocks, they come to mingle, eat and shop 'til they drop!

From the sales of peacock tote bags and t-shirts to Charlie the peacock starring in the parade, the city of Pavo lives up to its name on this special day, and organizers say that is what keeps folks from all over coming back every year.

Organizers say “Peacock Day” isn't just an economic boom for Pavo; it trickles down all the way to Thomasville where most of the out-of-towners pack into hotels.