Mobile Home Fire

Fire struck twice at a Tallahassee trailer park. Earlier this week a blaze destroyed a home and Sunday morning rescuers responded to another fire. Investigators believe the second fire may be the work of an arsonist as well.

Charred memories and broken dreams are all that's left of the mobile home at 5876 Tennessee Street. The trailer park known as Southern Bell has become a regular haunt for Leon County deputies responding to domestic violence.

"We've been here several times, and not just here but other people who've lived here, it's been an ongoing problem,” said Deputy Donnie Jacobs with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday morning around 11:30 a.m. a domestic call turned almost deadly when witnesses say a boyfriend torched his girlfriend’s trailer during a fight. Deputies are now searching for Michael Glen Patterson for suspicion of arson and there's more added

Deputy Jacobs said, "We know he has a history for domestic violence and currently has an outstanding warrant for domestic battery and we just urge people to use caution if they see him."

This is the second mobile home fire in this area in just a week's time. No one was injured here but just two streets over a firefighter was injured at a mobile home.

"The firefighter went in there; he got a good knockdown of the fire. As he started advancing he started doing a primary search, he couldn't see because of the conditions and he fell through the floor," said LT Jarvis Bedford.

The firefighter from that blaze is recovering from minor burns. An arsonist is suspected of starting that fire too, and it serves as just another reminder that rescuers can end up as unintended victims when fire falls into the wrong hands.

Leon County deputies urge anyone with information on Michael Patterson to call them at 922-3300.