Relay for Life

Meet the Williams family, AKA team Ebb for life. These four rays of hope have been pounding the pavement for 17 hours. Their inspiration, a sister and daughter.

Evelyn, who's nicknamed Ebb, passed away last year after battling colorectal cancer for three years. Her sister Brenda Shy said, “We had planned 50th celebration but she took a turn for the worst just two days before her birthday.”

Today ebb lives on through these smiling faces. They say laughter is their medicine.

Dorothy Williams, Ebb’s mother added,”She would be happy she would say good job guys!”

For the William's family, spending all night walking in circles for the relay for life is therapy. It's where they gain strength alongside thousands of other caretakers and cancer victims.

Sister Barbara Williams said, “It’s great to have support to know you're not the only one going through this.”

As the Relay wraps up and the teams take their final lap, one thing remains the same- cancer continues its deadly course, but with events like these, many remain optimistic- knowing that every step forward is one step closer to a cure.

The 134 teams that attended this year's Relay raised more than $415,000, and for eight of her nine years walking. Gerri Roberts was the individual champion, raising more than $20,000 on her own.