Women's Health Day

Here's an alarming statistic, white women get breast cancer more often than black women, but blacks are more likely to die from the disease. It's National Women's Health Week, and the Bond Health Clinic offered free screenings for cancer and more.

Cynthia Seaborn is one of several women in Leon County who's getting a free health screening at the Bond Community Health Center. Seaborn fears because she is over 40 and a diabetic, she may be prone to other diseases.

"It's important for me to check it and Pap smear is a test to detect other diseases so to the able to receive one free even if you don't have insurance is a plus," says Seaborn.

Leon County has proclaimed this week as National's Women's Checkup Day. To kick off the event, clinic workers are screening women for several diseases such as cancer and diabetes and doctors have already discovered some problems.

Dr. Temple Robinson, medical director at Bond Community, says, "We've already had a woman that we had to schedule a diagnostic mammogram and we've found breast so far women who've had abnormal Pap smear in the past years and because of the change of job or loss of job have not been able to get follow-up examination."

The American Cancer Society says breast cancer is the leading cancer killer among black women. In the past two years, 72 percent of white women had a mammogram, while only 68 percent of blacks were tested.

Doctors are hoping the free screening will entice more women to get checked yearly. Patients with abnormal test results will be referred to a diagnostic center for follow-up visits and treatment.