Body Found at Pavo Work Camp

An anonymous call over the weekend leads authorities in Brooks County to a disturbing discovery, the body of a dead man.

The body was found at a Mexican work camp in Brooks County. The exact location has not been confirmed to us by investigators, but this shocking news has spread to folks who live all over the area.

Hearing about the eerie discovery on Saturday sends chills through Jennifer Johnson's body. She lives alone with her four-year-old child just one mile from where the body was found.

Jennifer Johnson, a Brooks County resident, says, "We found out they had a murder at the end of the road here and it was between two Mexicans, and they said they had buried him in the dirt out there."

Residents say the body was found here, but authorities have not confirmed that. It appeared someone lives at the home but there was no answer at the door. An investigation is still underway, but authorities say there was a fight at nearby Mexican work camp and they believe the victim died from injuries sustained from that fight.

At the scene, authorities found blood on the ground and a tennis shoe in a nearby field. Four people have been taken into custody, but for Johnson that's not enough to lay her worries to rest.

"It's just me and her, and like I said, I don't know what I'd do if he was to come out here," says Johnson.

One of the four people in custody led authorities to the body. Brooks County sheriff deputies have not returned our calls, but we do know they were on the scene sometime Monday.

The name of the victim is not being released. The body has been sent to a crime lab in Moultrie for an autopsy.