Cyber Security Seminar

For law enforcement there is an ever increasing need to keep up and hopefully surpass the crooks. The next time you receive an e-mail from your bank, your credit card company or your favorite online auction site, take a long hard look because you just may be swallowing a hook in a scam called phishing.

Mary McLaughlin, a C-Safe trainer, says, “We're also seeing a lot of people fall victim to fraud. These new phishing scams and too different kinds of online fraud like auction fraud is a very big one."

Identity theft, fraud and viruses where all hot topics in a seminar held on Monday morning at FDLE. Hackers, con artists and cyber crooks can come from anywhere, including those already behind bars.

"Every once in awhile they'll pick up a wireless communication from inside that shouldn't be there, so the inmates are getting hold of this stuff, it's getting smaller and smaller," says Bob Framingham of Florida DOC, Cyber Security.

Participants in this cyber-security seminar are learning both the offense and defense to battle the threat of cyber crooks, but security experts warn it's only a matter of time before a "super-virus" attacks computers around the world.

"The worst problem we have right now is complacency. We can never afford to say 'Okay I'm fine, we're completely protected.' We have to constantly be vigilant and keep up with what the latest threats and attacks are," adds Mary McLaughlin.

Every Monday this month there will be a security seminar at FDLE.