Class Act Technology

As we progress into the 21st century, educators around our area are looking to better use technology in the classroom. Tuesday many teachers came together to share ideas and even learn from the students.

The teachers are getting a lot out of these technology discussions. In fact, this is the third straight year technology teachers from around south Georgia have come together, and they say they are seeing major advancements in student performance.

Dozens of technology teachers and their students packed out classrooms at Valdosta State University Tuesday discussing the latest ways technology has been mixed into south Georgia classrooms.

Lynne Cater from the VSU Educational Training Center says, "We also want to show how students use technology in the classroom, it’s not just a toy that they use, but an instructional tool that they use in the classroom."

That's why many of the lessons were actually taught by students of all ages. Teachers say using technology like website design not only makes learning more interesting, but it lets the students showcase their experience, and even teach their instructors a few new tricks.

Judy Baxter, a third grade teacher, says, "It makes me feel very good because you always have students who don't want to learn, but when you see students really turned on to learning, it’s very motivating to a teacher and makes you want to continue on in a very tough job."

These educators say this kind of program is gaining in popularity, as more administrators see the importance of teaching the latest hi-tech innovations to their students.

"We're gonna have to find a bigger place next year, so it’s grown every year. We've been pleased with the progress, we've been pleased with the growth and the participation of local schools and teachers," adds Lynne Cater.

The grant that has funds the showcase has come to an end, but organizers are hopeful they can bring it back again next spring. The teachers spend a lot of time at the showcase comparing notes, figuring out what needs to be taught and what works best.