Four Behind Bars for Accused Beating

The men are facing the possibly of life in prison. All four men were migrant workers and lived in a Mexican work camp in Brooks County, which is where the brutal beating took place. They've compromised their freedom after leaving a man to die.

Brooks County Sheriff Richard Chafin says a night of heavy drinking at this Mexican work camp, a place where migrant workers live, led to a fight and then the fatal beating of 24-year-old Jorge Torres.

"They took a rope and tied him up and beat him with posts hole diggers and dragged him off to a field where he was left to die," Sheriff Chafin says.

Torres' bloody body was found in a wooded area across the street from the camp on Saturday. Now, Heracilo Gastelan, Lamberto Mendoza, Nicolas Martinez and Primo Martinez are each charged with murder, aggravated assault, concealing a death, kidnapping and armed robbery.

The four men were in magistrate court Tuesday to arraigned. The sheriff of Brooks County says they could face up to two life sentences.

Joe Stewart, a Brooks County resident, says, "I feel like that's what they deserve they took another person's life. In the good book it says don't take nothing you can't give back and it's impossible to give that person's life back."

"It's certainly a tragic thing. It impacts everyone when you hear things of this horrific nature," adds Sheriff Chafin.

If convicted, these men will face the consequences and spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The victim had no known family in the area. Sheriff Chafin says if convicted, the four men could possible face the death penalty.

There isn’t any information on what the men were fighting about. Sheriff Chafin says all authorities know is that the men, including the victim, had too much to drink, which is how the fight broke and the led to the accused beating the victim.