Birthday Party for Centenerians

Look at life as and adventure. That's the advice of a Tallahassee woman who is about to celebrate her 103rd birthday. The centenarian was not alone Tuesday. Eight Tallahasseeans who have reached that milestone got together to celebrate.

Charlotte Flowers has plenty of practice cutting birthday cake. She's 103 years old and she had to squeeze this party in among all her daily chores.

This cake would probably crumble under the weight of all the candles needed, as eight centenarians gathered to celebrate that milestone, including Vera Reeves, who says she's not old, she's just been here a long time.

"I was getting a little older, but I didn't think it was serious. I don't know how much older I'm going to get yet, " says Vera.

June Ragans, her daughter, says, "We never really believed it, but it happened. All I'm worried about now is how long I'm going to last."

The centenarians have seen it all from the horse and buggy to a man on the moon. Some credit God for the longevity, others clean living and hard work. For Jessie White age 102, it boils down to one thing.

"I have a destiny, you have a destiny, you have a destiny and you got to find your way and it's in here. It's love," says Jessie.

As you can imagine, it's tough to get an invite to this party! It's put on by Elder Care Services and Capital City Bank every year.