Back to the Head of the Classroom

Five teachers in Leon County took a break and stepped aside to let state and local leaders take over their lesson plan. It’s all a part of the back to the classroom initiative.

Students in Mrs. Goodman's algebra class at Rickards High School welcomed their stand-in teacher. The students looked at it as a chance to show policy makers what is and isn't needed.

Superintendent Bill Montford is one of five education leaders going back to school, only this time around they aren't looking for class credits. By taking his spot on the front lines of education and taking over a high school algebra one class. It's a chance for him to connect with the kids by standing in their shoes.

For these Rickards raiders having the superintendent substitute means an opportunity for him to see past the FCAT scores and get a glimpse of the students who make up the body.

Ronald Gilmore, a student at Rickards High School, says, "Last year the media said we weren't smart, because of FCAT scores, but we are improving every year I hope he learned that we are doing that."

Freshmen Jessica McFadden hopes the back to the classroom initiative will help the superintendent remember his younger days.

Along the way, sophomore Ronald Gilmore, said he learned a thing or two as well. By the time the final bell rings, the kids hope going back to school will put leaders and students on the same page when it comes to the future of education.

Montford chose Rickards because of his experience as a high school principal and math teacher. Florida's education commissioner Jim Horne substituted for a fourth grade class at Ruediger Elementary in Tallahassee.

There isn't anything set in stone, but Superintendent Montford says Wednesday’s visit won't be the last.