Business Record Protection

Keeping secure records is vital to a business' survival, while losing records is a number one cause of industries going under. Many business owners and employees know it only takes a moment to lose track of weeks, months, even years of hard work.

Ron Parrish of Cone Financial Group, says, "I think everybody at one time has lost info due to no backup and knows the frustration trying to recreate that information or data."

Powell Jones, President of Secure Records Solutions, adds, "Every business deals with an enormous volume of records."

Wednesday, industry leaders from throughout Thomas County met to discuss ways to improve record keeping and prepare for potential disasters.

Experts suggest having a backup computer server in case of a crash, easy access to the Internet and a telephone to notify clients of any record losses and having an alternative work site plan.

Industry leaders in Thomas County say such measures are necessary to keep businesses running smoothly in a small city.

Charlie Brown of Blue Bell Creameries says, "I just know in the short time I've been here it's grown so much. They're seeking new industry all the time. I think the majority of people want to see Thomasville grow."

Business experts say the best way to keep growing is to keep area industries on their feet. Business experts at Wednesday’s meeting say the number one cause of record loss in businesses is human error, followed by hardware failure.