Chattahoochee High School Closing

Members of the Gadsden County School Board voted to close Chattahoochee High School. Starting this fall, those students will become part of the student body at Greensboro High School.

The walls of Chattahoochee High School are lined with memories, as with most schools. News of the Gadsden County School Board's decision to close this school caught some of its graduates by surprise.

Melissa Williams, whose son attends Chattahoochee High School, says, "I looked at the news last night, Channel Six, and I was telling my son, he goes to school at Chattahoochee H.S., I say, 'did you know they were closing our school down?' He says, 'Moma, I already knew.' It happened so quickly for me."

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, Chattahoochee High's principal opted not to speak on camera, but he shared with Eyewitness News that Wednesday morning he spoke with his student body about the closing.

Carolyn Jackson says her kids were very active at the school and were proud to be mighty fighting Yellow Jackets

"My son started in sports from 9th grade until 12th grade, his name was Devon Ellis. He played basketball football and baseball, and my daughter played volleyball and she was in the band," says Carolyn.

Pauline Gunn is the principal of Greensboro High. She thinks the transition will be a lot smoother than many think.

"We've got some of their students who've transported from Chattahoochee during the course of this year, so they are allies for us to go into the community and tell them about academics classes, teachers, the students, and how they've been treated," says Gunn.

Others we spoke to say it will take a while for the two student bodies to feel as one team.

"They've been rivals forever and I just don't think it's a good idea, but it's going to be interesting," Misty Allen says.

This arrangement will be in place until the new West Gadsden High School is complete in 2006. Gadsden County school Superintendent Sterling DuPont says plans are in the works to have the Chattahoochee High School building appraised and later sold.