Georgia Governor Approves Conservation Initiatives

Thanks to Georgia lawmakers, several new measures are in place to conserve land and protect the environment.

The soothing sound of nature and the abundance of wildlife is what Charlie Lewis, the owner of Melhana Plantation, says makes south Georgia so special.

"We are so fortunate it's almost like living in a preserve with over 300,000 acres around us. The people that own the land without a doubt have a passion for conservation,” says Charlie.

And so does Gov. Sonny Perdue. He signed seven conservation bills into law Tuesday to preserve everything from the state's forests to its seashores..

Folks with the Thomasville Visitor Center say that's what transforms parts of south Georgia into secret getaways.

Debra Page of the Thomasville Visitor Center, says, "The major cities up north and even the cities down south in Florida that's what they find most attractive in this area, the preserved beauty and beautiful land along the highways they're just not used to seeing that."

"Anything to help preserve the land and protect it within reason that would help support that endeavor is a good thing," adds Charlie Lewis.

Perdue says the measures are part of an obligation to help sustain the state's economic growth and quality of life and naturally set Georgia apart from any other state. Other parts of the conservation legislation include improving air and water quality, another allows the state to acquire and preserve up to 40,000 acres of forest land.