Leon County Settles Long-Standing Lake Pollution Lawsuit

The fight was over development and pollution between the Leon County Commission and Bradfordville residents. Lake Carolyn is one of several lakes in the Bradfordville area in North Leon County.

Residents who live there say the appeal is obvious. They also say it has been polluted. Pat Rose, Lake Carolyn Homeowners Association, said, “We finally felt the county was violating the Comp Plan by not protecting against bad water quality and flooding. We filed a lawsuit because they weren't responding.”

Tony Grippa, Leon County Commission, said, “The main complaints were flooding, water quality, destruction of their lakes. We were able to settle a lawsuit and create capacity to stop the flooding in the Killearn area.”

Around Lake Carolyn development has cause problems. Rose says runoff is now coming directly toward the lake. However, over the years, rose says the current commission has been great to work with.

Over the years, Commissioner Grippa said too much money was spent in legation when it should have been spent to protect and restore Lake Carolyn. Other lakes affected were Lake Anna and Lake Jeff.

Rose says any money received will be used to restore the lakes in the Killearn area. He said the restoration could cost as much as $500,000.